Top 5 Evergreen Movie Quotes

Top 5 Evergreen Movie Quotes

Well to start with, the article will be focusing on Top 5 Evergreen Movie Quotes in Sandalwood. In the current year, Sandalwood has produced lot of quality movies. Earlier they were below par but now the scenario is completely changed. A director, producer, and an actor is all you need to come with quality movies, which was lacking in Sandalwood. As time has changed, actors have understood the mentality of audience. Accordingly they are coming up with message oriented movies.

  • Sudeep

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Sudeep is popularly called as “ Kiccha” by his fans in Karnataka. Sudeep has been in this industry for many years and he has delivered top quality movies. His recent hit movie was “The Villain” directed by Prem. This versatile actor can even sing and is supposed to be a great cook at home. He has been hosting one of the popular shows in Kannada named “Bigg Boss” for six continuous seasons. I would like to share one of his best dialogue of all time,” Simhana Photodalli Nodirthya Cinemadalli Nodirthya TVnalli Nodirthya, Ishte Yaake? Zoonallu Nodirthya. Rajagambheeradinda Yavathadru Kalal Odadod Nodidya?”

  • Thoogudeepa Darshan 

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Darshan’s Father named Togudeepa was a well-known actor in sandalwood industry. Even though his father had earned name and fame, Darshan had tough time when he came into this industry. Taking things as a challenge, he was popularly called “Challenging Star”. His recent hit movie was “Yajamana” directed by Harikrishna. His fans were mad after listening to his dialogue in Yajamana, Aakshakke thale Kottu…Bhoomige Bhaivarillsi…Niyanthinda Kattiro..Sontha Brando…Sound Jasthene Erathe,

  • Yash 

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Yash hails from Mandya. Mandya has been producing passionate actors to this industry. Yash is supposed to be an example. He had come from a very poor background and he had struggle in his initial stages. His evergreen dialogue can be picked from one of his best movies KGF, “Gayagondiruva Simhada Usiru….Gharjane Ginta Bayankaravagirathe”. Now he has been ranked No.1 in Sandalwood industry. Recent blockbuster hit movie is “KGF”. KGF has set standards to many other directors in the industry. Movie, Screenplay, Direction is at top notch.

  • Puneeth Rajkumar 

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Puneeth Rajkumar is the son of well-know Kannada Veteran, Dr. Rajkumar. He has been acting in films ever since he was 2. He has earned that quality from his father. Puneeth is known for his dialogue delivery and one of such dialogue comes from Ranavikrama, “Dushman andhamele dusra mathe illa”. His recent hit movie was Natasarvabhouma. This versatile actor has lot of potential and has set high standards when it comes to dancing and action cut scenes.

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