The Science Behind Why Inspirational Quotes Motivate Us

The Science Behind Why Inspirational Quotes Motivate Us

We see motivational in movies, in wall paintings, books, schools in advertisement boards. But ever imagined why the quotes are everywhere? The answer is that quite fantasizing in those places the concentration of people is more. In olden times people would go to great scholars, spiritual teachers and gurus to seek advice during difficult times. The words from are those great individuals are recorded because people found it to be effective and life-changing. In modern world these words are turned into what we call quotes and with the popularity of social media with photo content quotes are also becoming increasingly important because studies have shown that 40 % of the world’s population is suffering from some of the mental illness like depression, anxiety, low self-confidence and with content consumption the message needs to be delivered. Quotes can have its advantages and it has a direct effect on our psychology.

  1. Inspiring

Quotes have the power to inspire us because people get caught up in other people’s success that they start to devalue themselves. There are quotes from people who have failed and reached greatness in life and that can inspire people to find their passion.

  1. Action Plan

Sometimes in life, you might have a plan but all you need is a push or words of encouragement from people. While others, procrastinate in life and delay their commitment towards their goals in life.

  1. Wisdom

Quotes contain messages which can give people new ideas and perspective. Sometimes if you have to see things in a different way and quotes can give you that. It also gives people the opportunity to learn the experience of others.

  1. Hope

Quotes help individuals in times of great distress because it contains a positive message. In life especially in hard times, people become anxious and even worse become suicidal. Positive and uplifting imparts hope in people’s mind.

  1. Mood Boosters

Reading quotes is like talking to your best friend. If you consult the quotes at the time of stressful events your moods will be in stat6e of happiness. Start your day with positivity and end your day with positivity.






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