Film making process

Film making process

Moving which we watch for 3 hours, takes 1 to 2 years of making. We rate the movies bad or good just by seeing the 3 hours script. But we forget that behind this movie many long process, huge crew works day and night to make it a hit. In this article we have mentioned few steps which are involved in film making process.

  • Development Phase – This is the first step in the process. In this concept of film is created and foundational elements are assembled. This stage consists of Story development, screenplay writing, financing the movie. This process is very important and painful as well, because it happens sometimes that many faults arise in the story, so rewriting of screenplay is done many times. If this phase goes well than it is a 50 percent chance that the movie will be successful in the market.
  • Pre Production -At this time you are having money in your bank, and you know that you are ready to spent it, to start building the movie. This stage involves selecting the actors and other casts of the film, deciding the best locations for the movie shoot, Props and materials needed for the scenes are collected, technology related everything like sound, light, etc is taken care of and production design is also done.

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  • Production – This the most stressful stage of movie making. It involves setting up the place, doing continuous rehearsal, Setting the shots and checking the take. It involved a lot of traveling also. The money is consumed a lot in this process and many retakes happen. This phase is the most time taking phase. Sometimes damages happen during the shoot, which are extra expenses for the producer.
  • Post Production – This is the last stage. It involves editing, Sound mixing, music, test screening and at last the movie distribution with promotions.

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Movie is for entertainment, but involves a lot of efforts and care to build. This whole process is managed by producers, directors and other crew members. We hope that now you must have got an idea that how much detailing is done in making a movie, so now before rating any movie, do remember these points and than rate it bad or good. If you are interested in film making, you can join some courses also for the career in this field. Never end your hunger for learning something new.


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