Creating a Working Atmosphere

Creating a Working Atmosphere

When we start to work from home, work at home moms often begin with a space that may include a couch, or dirty dishes, toys scattered, paperwork from the kids and yourself and who knows what else. All of these things are taking up space that should be reserved for work. I know I want to work my business in a stress-free environment; that starts with a clean and well equipped work area. How is this accomplished?

It is optimal that you have a desk set aside from the everyday chaos of your life. No need for added distractions as you’re trying to juggle your kids and a lucrative business. The kitchen table worked for a while, but the ideal would be to have an area to call your own for your business. Less risk for sticky papers and other things that collect on a kitchen table.

If your desk is full of clutter, clear it off and only add back what you need. Remember to make it known throughout the house that your desk is off limits to any unauthorized personnel.

What other organizational products might you need for your at home desk? This may include things you’ll need or someone else may need for their business. You’ll get a good feel for it.





A few catalogs if you distribute catalogs in your business.

Files to hold company news, information, history

Phone (with mute, 3 way calling, and unlimited long distance)

headset for phone



Shelving for file cabinet for paperwork, bills and other important papers.





hole punch


staple remover

mail supplies (stamps, envelopes, labels,shipping labels,boxes,packing tape, bubble wrap)

printer ink

business cards


sticky notes

Bulletin board – Nice for reminders, appointments, inspirational quotes, family photos, or something from training you don’t want to forget.

stick pins for the bulletin board

*Your computer can help you reduce clutter even more:

Use Excel as your calculator.

Use Notepad or Word to write notes. This will allow for a smaller notepad and less space taken up by the pad. Use the notebook as a temporary holder for your notes when the computer isn’t on or near by. Then transfer the notes to Word or Notebook if you’d still like to keep the notes. This also gives you the chance to organize your notes. Organize by date, topic, or whatever is most convenient for you. What a relief that would be to be able to rely on your notes being in all one place

Use the calendar on your computer rather than a hard copy. Google has a calendar system where you can share your calendar with business associates so they can check to see if you’re busy before they try to schedule a meeting with that person.


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